Smart EV Charging for Commercial Property Owners

Install EV Charging Infrastructure Across Portfolios of All Asset Classes & Sizes

Capitalize on Government and Utility Incentives to Drive Down EV Charging Costs

Commercial property owners are poised to significantly reduce capital expenses for EV charging infrastructure by tapping into the myriad government and utility incentives available. This is especially true with new construction, where property owners and managers can considerably lower planning and design costs for EV chargers. For companies that effectively navigate these incentives and rebates, the result can be EV charger installations that cost little to nothing.

Take advantage of federal, state, and local EV charging incentives and rebates

Kennedy Wilson Delivers on Sustainability Commitments with Smart Charging

“As Kennedy Wilson continues to broaden sustainability efforts and improve the environmental performance of our assets, we are proud to align with Enel X Way and tap into their proven technology, sustainable solutions, and their strong position in the market. The JuiceBox EV charging stations installed at our properties have been well received and are a great step towards delivering on our commitment to optimizing resources throughout our portfolio.”
— Michael Eadie, Managing Director, U.S. Development & Construction Kennedy Wilson

Killam Apartment REIT Takes Leading Approach To EV Charging Infrastructure Adoption At Scale

”By teaming up with Enel X Way and Catalyst, we are able to offer our residents easy access to cutting-edge EV charging technology while also helping to fulfill the demand for cleaner modes of transportation across the region. As part of our ESG commitments, we invest in technology that will lower our carbon footprint while also providing value across our portfolio. By optimizing energy costs and bringing value to our residents, this is exactly what these Enel X Way smart chargers allow us to do.”
— Andrew Kent, Developments Director, Killam Apartment REIT

Best-in-class smart charging solutions

Powerful EV charging

High output from 32A (7.7kW) up to 48A (11.5 kW) can charge up to 9x faster than Level 1 stations.

Smart charging features

Property admin dashboard allows managers to optimize charging to reduce monthly electricity costs.

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Why Smart Charging Solutions Are a Must for Commercial Real Estate Companies

As commercial real estate owners move toward smart buildings that offer a higher degree of control and visibility to property and asset managers, the value of smart chargers becomes even more pronounced. “Dumb”, or non-networked chargers put asset owners at risk of incurring unnecessary operating expenses, missing out on participation in grid incentive programs, and opportunities to quantify and celebrate ESG milestones. Enel X Way’s smart EV charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to maximize the value you get from your EV charging infrastructure. Here are just some of the features only smart charging offers.


Dumb Charger

Smart Charger

Why it matters

Connected to WiFi
Prerequisite for all below features
Install Incentives
Lower Capex
Operator Dashboard
EVSE management and optimization (access control, pricing, maintenance, etc.)
Track Consumption
Lower Opex
Track Cost
Lower Opex
Driver Apps
Facilitate location, reservation, notification services, and support digital revenue
Load Balancing
Lower Opex
Grid Incentives
Lower Capex & Opex
Find out which commercial EVSE rebates your properties qualify for.

Why Enel X Way?

We help businesses take advantage of the clean energy benefits that smart charging infrastructure offers.

Enel X Way

The Enel Group



$65 B


Charging ports globally
Business customers across 10,000 sites
Annual Revenue

EVSE Asset Management Features Flexible and Powerful Enough for Any Portfolio

Whether your portfolio contains multifamily housing, hotels, offices, or all three, Enel X Way’s smart charging infrastructure lets asset and property managers maximize their value quickly and easily.

EVSE Asset Management

Configure and tailor user groups, and access options.

Energy Cost Optimization

Reduce operating costs by controlling and capping peak energy usage and optimizing charging times.

Robust Admin Dashboard

Access historical charging activity and real-time monitoring.

Detailed Reports

Charging data available for billing and monitoring.

Seamless Tenant Experience

Intuitive JuicePass app allows tenants to control and monitor their charging sessions

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