Electric Vehicle Fleet Management

Saving clean fleet operators time & money

Private and public fleet owners are capitalizing on the clean fleet opportunities that battery electric vehicles afford today. With decreasing battery costs and smart charging, see why an electric vehicle fleet is a good business decision today.

  1. Increase rate of return on your EV infrastructure investment
  2. Take advantage of existing incentives for low-carbon fuels and new smart grid technologies for vehicles
  3. Support your sustainability strategy and improve customer and employee satisfaction

JuiceNet Enterprise: Electric fleet management

We provide city and commercial EV fleet managers access to a robust smart charging platform, JuiceNet Enterprise. Green fleet operators looking to cut operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions with their electric vehicles have chosen JuiceNet Enterprise to manage their EV charging stations because of these key features:

  • Convenient green fleet management

    Remote access control for individual stations and groups of stations to monitor stations and user access easily

  • Convenient green fleet management

    Remote access control for individual stations and groups of stations to monitor stations and user access easily

  • Reduced energy costs

    Electricity usage tracking and automatic energy management to avoid peak pricing and demand charges

Scaling EV fleet charging

Chanje was focused on creating sustainable solutions that improve how companies move people and packages from transportation hubs to their final destinations, as well as establishing an Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) business model for itself and its customers’ fleets.

To fulfill its mission, Chanje needed a smart EV charging partner that could support its four pillar strategy to integrate charging infrastructure, energy storage, renewable energy and smart grid solutions into a turnkey EaaS platform.

Chanje deployed 65 smart grid-connected electric vehicle charging stations, controlled by the JuiceNet Enterprise cloud platform. JuiceNet gives Chanje the ability to remotely manage and optimize the charging activity of multiple drivers at different locations across the country through the cloud.

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Award-winning commercial EV charging stations

High charging speed

Up to 75A / 18 kW

Safe & energy efficient

UL, cUL and Energy Star certified

Easy to use

Intuitive driver app for payment, powerful admin dashboard, LED indicator lights for charging sessions

Flexible installation

JuiceBox is designed to accommodate a range of installation options (hardwire, wall mount, or pedestal mount)


Compatible with all electric vehicle models

Industrial-strength design

Durable, compact & weatherproof for outdoor and indoor installations

WiFi enabled

Grid connected stations reduce your charging costs and let you access utility and state EV incentives

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Are you an electric vehicle fleet manager?

Manage your clean fleet with the smartest EV fleet management software available. Our commercial smart charging solutions are a good fit for all fleet managers who are looking to cut down their vehicle emissions and reduce their carbon footprint:

  • Municipal car fleets
  • City bus fleets
  • Police fleets
  • Utility truck fleets
  • Delivery fleets
  • Ride-sharing fleets
  • Taxi cab fleets
  • Rental car fleets