About us

At Enel X, we’re passionate about energy efficiency and our sustainable future

As transportation accounts for 40% of typical country energy use, electrification of transport is one of the most effective ways to reduce our energy footprint. At the same time, increasing the share of renewables in our generation mix is the most sustainable way to clean up our grid. If we as a society can accelerate both, we will be well underway towards our emissions reduction goals.

However, there are significant barriers in the way of this sustainable future today

On the transport electrification side, the lack of affordable and ubiquitous EV Charging is still one of the strongest barriers to widespread EV adoption among consumers. Since personal vehicles account for two-thirds of all energy used in transportation, this is a very serious barrier, given the dominant EV charging technologies of today and mass adoption of EVs can actually make the grid dirtier, at least partially negating their energy efficiency and pollution benefits.

On the renewable generation side, the intrinsic volatility of renewables makes these assets hard to integrate into today's grid. The inability of the grid to quickly react to this volatility often forces renewable generators to limit their output, which increases renewable energy costs and slows down adoption rates for alternative sources.

We believe that we have a single elegant solution for both of these problems!

Our solution is to build the largest network of distributed load control devices, used to provide grid stabilisation services to System Operators (SOs), energy companies, and large commercial electricity consumers. Our company’s current initial offering is a line of SmartGrid-ready EV charging stations with world-class grid management and user-facing control features, managed through our cloud-based platform.

Enel X provides valuable grid management services - such as demand response, frequency regulation, peak shaving, local load balancing, and many others - that help energy companies and system operators better manage the grid volatility and prepare for and fully leverage accelerating EV adoption. Low manufacturing and operating costs of our company's networked assets support high ROI and short payback periods on initial capital investments.

Our Smart[Grid] EV charging networks increase the value of electric vehicles while making our electric grid cleaner and more reliable. We reduce the need for dirty peaker plants, enable growth in renewable generation, and provide regulation capacity to stabilise the grid.

Our Awards

Enel X has received industry-wide leadership recognition for its performance-focused and cutting-edge technology products.